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Re: Converting Outlook PST files...

Neil Loffhagen wrote:
Thanks for that. Have now got my Outlook 2000 to connect to the IMAP server on the redhat box and have started to move folders from the pst file to the IMAP server and can see them from my Evolution client, but not my sylpheed client.

What is disappointing or maybe it's the way the IMAP is set up, but can't create sub folders (this is the same from Evolution ot Outlook 2000)? I can create loads of individual folders, but if I want to create a folder underneath a created folder will not let me? For example I'd like to have a folder structure like:


I can create the linux and friends folders, but it won't let me create the redhat, mandrake, debain, etc. sub-folders.

Is there a way round this? Maybe with a different IMAP server or with different settings?

When I was testing IMAP using the included Red Hat IMAP server (from U of W I think), I had a similar problem. I posted a question here but never found an answer. My guess is that it has to do with the security of /var/spool/mail and the security context of IMAP, or a bug in the IMAP server, but I'm not sure.

I set up the RH8.0 squirrelmail (a web based interface to imap) and noticed that it stored mail in a different location than the default /var/spool/mail. I had no trouble with subfolders created through squirrelmail.

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