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Re: Converting Outlook PST files...

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 11:19, Neil Loffhagen wrote:
> Thanks for that.  Have now got my Outlook 2000 to connect to the IMAP server on the redhat box and have started to move folders from the pst file to the IMAP server and can see them from my Evolution client, but not my sylpheed client.
> What is disappointing or maybe it's the way the IMAP is set up, but can't create sub folders (this is the same from Evolution ot Outlook 2000)?  I can create loads of individual folders, but if I want to create a folder underneath a created folder will not let me?  For example I'd like to have a folder structure like:
> inbox
> linux
> 	redhat
> 	mandrake
> 	debian
> friends
> 	john
> 	paul
> 	george
> I can create the linux and friends folders, but it won't let me create the redhat, mandrake, debain, etc. sub-folders.
> Is there a way round this?  Maybe with a different IMAP server or with different settings?
> Part of the reasoning behind this exercise is that in time we will be moving from Exchange 5.5 to a Linux based email server.  Not sure which one yet.  Mainly need to have email and contacts, possibly calendering.  Have looked at Samsung Contact, but it dos not yet run on redhat 8.0.
> Thanks,
> Neil.

Hi Neil,

I tried this a while back also and there are indeed some challenges. By
far I am no expert but this is what I recall. First, I don't think that
the uw-imap that comes default with RH supports folders in folders while
the main folder contains email also. So this will not work with uw-imap:

linux	-->	psychelist (which is a mbox file containing email)
(dir)	-->	mandrake (which is a directory)
		    --> mandrakelist (which is a mbox file w/ email)

Once you keep in mind that you can not have email files and directories
in an uw-imap directory than you will overcome a major hurdle.

What worked for me was making the directory tree with squirrelmail
(these dirs live in your <username> dir). Next in each directory use the
touch command to create the mbox file. This worked for me:

linux	-->	redhat (which is a directory)
(dir)		   |
		    --> touch psychelist (which is a mbox file w/ email)

Next add this imap account to Evolution and you should be almost there.
Subscribe to the proper folders. Copying email from a plain mbox file in
Evolution to an imap folder didn't work for me. You had to select all
the emails manually and then select copy and paste them into the imap

You can overcome these limitations by installing a more sophisticated
imap server on your box. E.g. courier-imap. I looked into it but it
seemed like I needed a degree in quantum hocus pocus to get it going
There is a courier-imap, postfix howto out there. Try google and have
something available to cool your brain :)

If you want an easier way, have a look at libpst. Search on www.sf.net
for libpst. It takes a pst file as input and generates mbox files
according to its structure. You can then import those mbox files
directly into Evolution. Problem is that you will not have your email on
the imap server so not accessible through a web interface
(squirrelmail). But off course you can copy the emails from Evolution to
your imap server. Back to square 1 :) I used libpst a long time ago and
then it didn't really handle attachments and dates correctly so make
backups and test first.

Finally, I don't know which imap server your company is going to use but
you may want to have a look at samsungcontact.com (I've no affiliation).
It's a full blown Exchange killer that runs on virtually any unix, linux
(Red Hat 7.3 or Advanced Server, Suse and prolly others). Yes, it's
commercialware but it beats the hell out of M$ pricing (way cheaper and
first 5 users are free) and it has a sophisticated imap server that
understands Outlook for 100% so you could have copied all your folders
to it in a breeze. You will also still have all the workgroup/groupware
functionality that you had with the Exchange & Outlook combo. Afaik this
also applies to the commercial Insight Server product from bynari.net.

Good luck!

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