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Re: Linux Slapper worm - New variants ?

Sorry .... didn't realize that inserting lines was done in HTML.

I realize that Psyche is for RH8. I have 3 Linux machines in my
Network all interconnected and running RH8 as well as RH6.2.
My RH8 box DOES have both Apache and SSL/SSH, so I figured
the RH8 box is more likely the culprit. That is why I posted the message
here rather on zoot. Let's face it - Linux worms and viruses affect
EVERYONE, and they don't care about your distro - only about your
vulnerabilities. RH8 list users just seem to be far more up-to-date in their
knowledge. However, I don't want to step on anybody's toes, so I will
not post zoot stuff here again.

As per the Slapper issue, thanks for the tips - I will definitely look into

Apologies again for the inconvenience. As soon as I find any more info on
this shindig is all about, I will let everyone know just for safety's sake.
safe than sorry.


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Subject: Re: Linux Slapper worm - New variants ?

> On Fri Mar 14 2003 at 11:08, "Jason Dale" wrote:
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> Please, no html to mailing lists.  please?
> > My ISP has advised me of possible Linux slapper worm activity on one of
> > our Linux servers, running Red Hat Linux 6.2
> rh6.2 is highly stable, but it does require many updates to keep it
> secure.  (I thought that this list was for rh8.0, zoot-list is for
> 6.2, but no matter).
> > This machine does NOT have apache or any ssl / ssh package installed.
> > To my knowledge, Linux slappers exploit vulnerabilities in openssl
> > libraries.
> Hmmm... I haven't notice any recent mention of this on bugtraq.
> > I have searched my system for the files of the variants .A, .B and .C.
> > Nothing unusual has been found. I checked the /tmp directory.
> > Does anyone know of a tool I can use to scan my system to be sure?
> > Are there any new variants out there that are not discussed on Redhat or
> > Symantec?
> chkrootkit -- "locally checks for signs of a rootkit"
>    http://www.spenneberg.org/chkrootkit-mirror/index.html
> > Any suggestions welcome
> >
> > Are there any commands that I can run on the command line to check for
> > any erratic network card activity ? which logs can I check?
> tcpdump, or iptables on a nearby router.
> There are other tools too, such as portsentry:
>    http://www.psionic.com/products/portsentry.html
> > Jason
> Do let us know what becomes of all this.
> Cheers
> Tony
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