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Re: More CD-RW Burning Issues...

I'm afraid padding isn't the culprit; it seems harmless.

It was on when I burnt psyche disks, and the effect seems to be a few
kilobytes of NUL appended.  Consequently, the result of md5sum doesn't
match what's in MD5SUM.  But the MD5 sum agrees if you trim to the
true length of the image, e.g.,

  head -654321088c /dev/cdrom | md5sum

The disks mount just fine, and installation works.


Excerpt of message (sent 14 March 2003) by Christopher A. Williams:
> Turned off Pad Tracks in XCD Roast and tried again with both Imation and
> Verbatim disks.
> The burns completed with no errors whatsoever, but the CDs all still
> fail on the Red Hat media tests. I can read the CDs though using both my
> existing Red Hat system and my laptop running Win XP. Could these CDs
> actually be OK and that the problem is really that the Media tester in
> Phoebe 3 is just reporting falsely?

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