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Re: KDE 3.1 update (Psyche-list digest#1133 - msg 5)

> From: mworkman <mworkman hgcpc com>
> Subject: KDE 3.1 update
> Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 01:00:42 -0500

> When I try to update to qt, this is the message I get:
> [root user]# rpm -Uvh qt-3.1.1-
> warning: qt-3.1.1- V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID
> ff6382fa error: Failed dependencies:
>         qt = 1:3.0.5-17 is needed by (installed) qt-devel-3.0.5-17
>         /usr/lib/qt3 is needed by (installed) redhat-artwork-0.47-3
> ##this directory does exist.
> I get this which makes me think it should work:
> [root user/]# rpm -qa /usr/lib qt | grep qt
> qt-3.0.5-17
> I tried arts first:
> root user]# rpm -Uvh arts-1.1-
> warning: arts-1.1- V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID
> ff6382fa error: Failed dependencies:
>         qt >= 1:3.1.1 is needed by arts-1.1-
>         mad-libs is needed by arts-1.1-
>         libmad.so.0 is needed by arts-1.1-
> I thought that updating qt first would be a good idea. Do I need to try
> the updates in a different order?
> When is says qt=1:3.0.5-17, does the fact that it doesn't match the
> qt-3.0.5-17 cause a problem?
> Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this dependencies prolbem?
> Thanks for any help.
> Mark Workman


I've just gone through an update to KDE 3.1.  I think it takes about 100Mb 
of RPMs (if you want to go that route).  Here is a link to most of the 
packages that you will need (just pick the ones at the bottom of the page 
that have 8.0, not 7.3, in the package name):


The rest, like redhat-artwork, redhat-menus, mad-libs, and a few others you 
will have to get from the rpmfind website.  

By the way, if you only want to (like me) have a nifty desktop, and don't 
need to develop for KDE, you can just uninstall qt-devel, and that will 
eliminate one dependency.  If not, just get the 
qt-devel-3.1.1- file, and install that along with the 
other qt rpms, and that will do ya.

Oh, and another thing, at least for me, after I installed (upgrade, with 
the -U option) qt 3.1, some parts of KDE didn't work right.  So, you might 
want to give yourself enough time to install _everything_ you need, ie 
after installing qt and before restarting, install arts, all the kde 
packages, and their dependencies.  (In other words, don't quit or restart  
until you are all done)  Then, you will be good to go.  

Enjoy your new desktop.


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