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Re: Solved ! Re: Very weird : X not loading just for one user !!!

On 18:31 15 Mar 2003, C?dric Chausson <cchausson noos fr> wrote:
| I have found the solution !!!!
| Actually it was due to a change in my .bashrc file.
| I had found the following line in my .bashrc file :
| #PS1='CEDRIC {\h \w} $ '
| I knew that this would change the subject line in the console and 
| xterms and decided to give it a try. So I uncommented it out.
| When this line is uncommented, loading of the windowmanager is blocked. 
| When it is uncommented, my Xclients file executes ok !!.
| I have no idea what is causing this exactly. But maybe this will help 
| somebody in the future.

The RedHat /etc/bashrc, in a miracle of stupidity, checks the length of
$PS1 to decide if it's interactive. Really bad.
I would give good odds that it it this idiocy that is scuttling your startup

I ranted on this at some length here:


if you care to have a read. That was for a RH7 box, but I don't think
they've learnt anything yet.

Cameron Simpson, DoD#743        cs zip com au    http://www.zip.com.au/~cs/

Once again, I must endorse the alt.peeves suggested universal warning label:
                          THIS PRODUCT IS UNSUITABLE
                              FOR USE BY IDIOTS.
mathew <mathew mantis co uk>

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