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Non-English keyboards and RH kernels.

Hi all,

     Right before the release of Psyche, a rather nasty bug was introduced
into the Red Hat kernels by Speakup http://linux-speakup.org/. This bug
was evident to some non-English keyboard users, for example French, when
the right alt key was pressed, in order to enter certain characters.  I
could see a problem by loading the US keymap, turning on num-lock, and
pressing right alt.  A zero would be printed to my screen.  With the
2.4.18-19.8.0 and later kernels, this effect has disappeared.  I'd like to
ask users of non-English keyboards if their problem is also fixed.

     The fix that was implemented upstream was to change references in 
speakup from altgr to shiftr.  Looking through the sources, I can't find a 
similar change, leading me to wonder how the fix, if any, was implemented 
in the RH kernels.  I'm not a programmer, so I'm not really surprised that 
I can't find it.


Bill in Denver

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