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Re: SSH Terminal Emulation

Dear Dennis,


I had this problem too.  I use PuTTY and always get weird characters when
using 'man' pages.
The setting
worked for me!
Wonder why it didn't get set correctly to start?



> Subject: Re: SSH Terminal Emulation
> From: Dennis Gilmore <dennis dgilmore net>
> To: psyche-list redhat com
> Organization:
> Date: 15 Mar 2003 17:51:38 +1000
> Reply-To: psyche-list redhat com
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> try LANG=3Den_us at the command line.  it should fix the problem then you
> will just need to set your language environment to that and it will be
> fine
> Dennis
> On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 06:29, Arthur Chong wrote:
> > We are currently using SSH Tera Termpro on Windows2000
> > to do ssh into our RedHat8.0 box.
> >=20
> > The terminal emulation is less than perfect, when you
> > do a man page, wired characters show up. (for example...)

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