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Re: SV: Firewall Issue

Marie-Thérèse Lorentzen wrote:

Is there a way or a file in which one can look at to see what the firewall
is set actually at? It would be nice to see with ones own eyes if it is set
to what one believes to have set it to - particularly if some sort of
problem comes up at a later point.

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Emne: Re: Firewall Issue

Viestissä Maanantai 17. Maaliskuuta 2003 17:01, Corey Head kirjoitti:

I installed with Medium security and selected www, ssh and smtp to be
allowed. However, when I'm in the GNOME and go to redhat>>system
settings>>security level, I am set to HIGH with none of the options I
requested at installation selected.

The Security Level tool does not show your current security setting.

Is there something else I need to do to "turn on" these three ports?

Set the ports the way you want, and don't run the tool again unless you want to change the settings.

	Markku Kolkka
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I use Webmin to set/modify rules...see www.webmin.com for download.


Antonio Montagnani

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