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Re: Postfix SMTP Authentication

hi ...
i'm getting same problem here...
isn't firewall problem, because if i telnet mx.any-server.com 25, works fine.... but , if i telnet a especific mx server (mx.ig.com.br in my case), i can't establish a connection ...
my connection is dropped ...
i don't known what do !!! my users are can't send mails to ig.com.br domain ....

anyone can help me ??

best regards,

Sergio Durand

Piero Calucci wrote:
On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 17:15, Corey Head wrote:

Duncan--Thanks for your suggestions.  They were very easy to follow.
Unfortunately, I still get the same problem--and the interesting thing about
all this is that nothing hits the maillog.  Receiving logins hit the
maillog, but any smtp attempts outside the network don't show.  So--not sure
what to give you there.  When I telnet to the port from outside, the message
I get is:

telnet mail.myserver.com 25
trying [IP Address]
telnet:  connecto to address [IP Address]: Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

this looks like a firewall issue

However! I also tested inside outgoing and it is NOT working like I
thought. The message that comes up in the maillog on that one is

Mar 14 11:10:24 MYSERVER postfix/smtp[4391]: C80AE1C0D0:
to=<coreyhead yahoo com>, relay=none, delay=189, status=deferred (connect to
MYSERVER.com [IP Address]: Connection timed out

and this too...


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