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Portal Software

Hi All,

I am looking to the RedHat community to recommend some software package that can give me the following functionality in one easy to manage package.

1)	List server capability - I want to create a listserve to allow subscribers to subscribe, unsubscribe via a text based e-mail
2)	I want to be allow users to subscribe via a web browser and I also want to server up the list from the server via http for users who do not know how (or want) to subscribe via command line
3)	I want it to allow me to host multiple websites from the package (http 1.1)
4)	I want to have a secure connection (ssl based) for credit card authorizations so users can order and be approved online immediately and also I want to track orders for products and services via a web interface
5)	MySQL interface would be great too!!!

Thanks all,

Jerry Roy

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