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Problem with installing RH 6.2 on a new Dell PC

We are having problems installing RH 6.2 on a new Dell PC.

It almost looks like the PC hardware is newer than what
is supported by RH 6.2 (email attached below). The h/w
is a Dell Optiplex with plain IDE (no scsi).

Has anyone seen this before?

Help and advise will be greatly appreciated.


Freddy Jensen, Sr. Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems Incorporated
345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110-2704, USA, Ph: (408) 536-2869
Email: jensen adobe com, URL: http://www.adobe.com

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Subject: Installing Linux
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:43:40 -0800

I finally tried something that you probably didn't try.
There is a "text" mode that you can choose initially
that uses a older style of interface.  When I went through
the installation process with this it eventually reported
"Exception occurred" and showed a traceback.  The
deepest levels of this seemed to be:
  todo.getCompsList() in file package.py
  getCompsList in file todo.py line 467
I am guessing that "py" indicates a "python" script file
(yet another scripting language).

It seems that the more GUI approaches were failing without
any indication of this crash.

I tried some variants, and this error always occured.

This could indicate a HW incompatibility between "python"
and the CPU of the machine (??).

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