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On 19 Mar 2003, Torgny Nyblom wrote:

> Hi,
> does anyone know how I can force a release of my ip address?
> This has to be done because my ISP somehow keeps track of what os runs
> on a particular MAC-address and when I try to reboot into windows I have
> to wait for the DHCP server to timeout before I can access the Internet
> again. Since I'm not the only one using this computer this is most
> annoying.

In theory, adsl should be stopped properly when you shut down.  However,
in my case I also have occasionally to wait before reconnecting.  It
doesn't happen too often to motivate me to investigate.  But in my case,
it's independent what OS was running before.

What you can try is to allow any user to stop adsl, before rebooting, and 
check if it changes something.  There is no way to force the server to 
give you a different IP at the request, so you might get the same one 



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