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Re: mail client text based

Chris Kloiber writes....
> There's always fetchmail...
> On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 07:53, Sergio Durand wrote:
> > nops...
> > mutt works with pop3 but not smtp ...
> > pine works with smtp but not pop3 (it works with imap) ...
> > i found a solution to do mutt works with smtp (masqmail) ... but i'm 
> > trying setup it !
> > all this for check my yahoo mail in text mode ...

The question is, does yahoo run a pop or imap server?
It would suprise me if they did.  Keep in mind, the
"payback" for getting free disk space on a mail server
(yahoo, hotmail, etc) is you have to go to their site 
and dig through all of their ad garbage.  (Sorry if there
are any marketing folks out there.....*grin*).
If they run pop or imap, you could bypass all of that.
Which would suprise me.

Now, assuming they DO run one of these........

If I understand correctly, you want to read/send yahoo mail locally,
making it looking like you are at yahoo.

The next issue is sending mail.
Can you use sendmail or your local MTA to send?  If so,
set your enviornment variable EMAIL to your yahoo address,
and use mutt.  ie    export EMAIL=me yahoo com
(Probably other ways to set that, but that was in the "man mutt" page.)

And this is kind of off point, but if you have a Linux box
and an ISP, I can think of MUCH better email resources than
having to use yahoo, hotmail, or the like..........

-- Jay Crews
jpc jaycrews com

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