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Re: mail client text based

Joe Klemmer writes....
> On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 12:04, Jay Crews wrote:
> > The question is, does yahoo run a pop or imap server?
> 	They do.  You just have to pay for it.

Yes......$29.95/yr I think.

Which brings me back to the origional question, of, with all the
good email options, WHY would you want to PAY for garbage like
yahoo, hotmail, etc?

If you have an ISP that doesn't include POP/IMAP server space,
that it VERY rare!

Maybe your only access to the internet is work/school and you cannot
easily setup mail on your Linux box, or down want to, or just want
to keep your personal mail totally seperate.
So just register your own domain ($15/yr or less), and use their POP
mail facilities.

I just see no point in PAYING scumbags like yahoo and hotmail.
You're paying for,
* Very poor, slow service
* Advertisments.
* And in the case of hotmail, some of it is going to Gates.

I mean don't get me wrong.  Yahoo, hotmail, etc do have their useful
purposes.  If you are a,
* Young child with no other choice
* Commiting a crime, fooling around on your spouse, or have the need to
  have anonymous email.

-- Jay Crews
jpc jaycrews com

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