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Re: fetchmail question

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 01:40:13PM -0600, John Mathey wrote:
> Hello all,

> if I configure fetchmail to go pull mail from my ISP, can I then use
> a mail client inside my network on another computer to pull mail
> from my redhat box instead of directly from my ISP?

Yes. I did this on a dialup firewall. The firewall was se up to fire
up fetchmail when it had a live connection, and shut down fetchmail
and the connection when traffic ended. The firewall also had an IMAP
server. I used fetchmail on other systems to get email from the server
to the other machines.

I set up an account on the firewall for each user inside the firewall,
and set up per account fetching rules, but fetchmail ran as root. Use
fetchmails "user foo there is user bar here" syntax to toss the email
into the appropriate accounts.

> Additionally, I've seen a utility called fetchmailconf in previous
> versions, is that available for redhat 8 or was it dropped?

It is not in RH 8.0; don't ask me why. Get an RPM of the latest
version (fetchmail-6.2.1-1) from ESR's home
page. http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail/ Fetchmailconf is in ESR's


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