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Re: Editor Documentation

On 17:57 21 Mar 2003, Wolfgang Gill <wolfgang botanybay nsw gov au> wrote:
| Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction as to where to get
| hold of some editor documentation. Either in HTML or PDF format.
| What I basically would like to do, is to write some *.sh scripts. And use
| the editor commands to edit some text files (Command line based). I want to
| be able to search for text, and either add text to the file (in the correct
| area), or remove the text and/or replace the text in the file using a
| script. 
| This will mainly be used for updating drivers and update pack files which
| will also require the editing of text or *.ini files etc.
| I've read some scripts which use 'ed' but I'm unable to get hold of a
| detailed, printable document on it's commands and features. (And not to
| mention some good examples of how they can be used in a command line basis).

To use ed in command line mode you go:

	ed - filename <file-with-ed-commands
	ed - filename <<'X'

to use a shell here-document.

| I've found some commands which will partly do what I need it to. But it
| doesn't work 100% the way I'd like. And getting more detailed information on
| it will help greatly.

For this kind of thing I usually use bsed:


which is a wrapper for sed that edits in place. Example:

	bsed 's/this/that/' filename

You invoke it just just sed except that it edits files instead of acting
as a filter. The manual for sed ("man sed") describes all the commands in
detail, and sed's command set is very much like ed, so you will already
be somewhat familiar with it.

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