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Re: SCO and RedHat?

On Sat, 2003-03-22 at 12:30, Loeung Vidol wrote:

> Anyone's got experienced with the SCO UNIX? I'm going to try it next week.
> But I'm a bit curious how it is different from RedHat or other Linux
> distros.
> I hope most of the commands and services are the same. Could anyone point
> out some major differences? This will be my first time to use SCO. I'm not
> turning away from RedHat (do not misunderstand); I'd just like to try it as
> a friend of mine asked me to.

	I have OpenUNIX 7 and have played with it a bit.  If your only UNIX
experience is with Linux or the BSD's then you will find it very
difficult to do anything on there.  The legacy of this flavor of UNIX is
like the olden days where everything is considered an add-on.  You get
no dev tools, no apps, no utilities, no nothing.  However, it is a
tank.  If you need something nearly bulletproof (like for database and
NFS) it's not bad.  You will pay a LOT for it.

	If you're looking for a "commercial" UNIX I'd recommend Solaris 9 over
SCO UNIX.  With all the GLU tools available for it through
sunfreeware.com it'll be more like what you're used to.

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                -- Metabee, 'Medabots'

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