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RE: Segmentation Fault - Balsa

I also got a segmentation fault for something else after installing the new glibc stuff.
I was trying to install IBM ViaVoice Outloud, which is a speech server for software Text to Speech for emacspeak and other applications like that.

However, you need to use an earlier version of gcc, so i have the compat* rpms installed and (as well as the compat rpms for the libs etc) , then i use:
  export CXX=g++296 
before doing the make.  Usually things are quite ok.

But this time, after installing the new glibc and gcc stuff from the erata updates, i find that the compile goes fine, or seems to... but i get a segmentation fault whenever i try to run the outloud software.

Anyone know about this and how to fix it?

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Subject: Segmentation Fault - Balsa

RH 8.0 w/updates

I did the glibc update yesterday. I am no longer able to use Balsa; it either
has a segmentation fault or hangs and has to be killed.

Any advice on what to do to get it back?

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