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Re: Intel 845 graphics

On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 06:46:45PM -0500, Tim Beam wrote:

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> Does anyone know how to get RH 8.0 to support the integrated intel
> 845 graphics card?  I found some info on Intel's and xfree86's
> websites, but I'm too new to linux to understand what's going on.
> Any help on this would be appreciated.
> My system is a dell dimension 2350.  RH installed fine, I just can't
> get X to work.

The latest version of XFree86, 4.3, supports it fairly well. You can
get a tarball and compile that (you'll need .8 GB to do it).

You may need to upgrade your kernel and some other goodies if you want
all of the goodies it provides, but it does compile and run on a plain
vanilla RH 8.0 installation.


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