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Re: Spam ?

You caught me forwarding this mail to abuse redhat com

Marek wrote:

Is this spam using redhat's name ? I have not heard of redhat 9 yet ?

Dear Colleague:

You may know that Red Hat Network is the best way to keep your
systems running the latest errata and always up to date. What you
might not know is that Red Hat Network passed the one million users
mark earlier this year. We've listened to valuable feedback and have
added two items of interest to keep those users happy - early release
of Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs and improved technical support.

Beginning March 31, 2003, paid subscribers to Red Hat Network will
have access to Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs - a full week before retail store
and Red Hat FTP availability. Also, Red Hat Network subscribers will
receive dedicated Red Hat Network Technical Support.

Learn more about the benefits of being a Red Hat Network Subscriber:

To purchase a Red Hat Network subscription:

Thanks again for using Red Hat Linux. We appreciate all feedback
from our users and hope you enjoy Red Hat Linux 9.


Red Hat


The above email is intended for people who have opted-in to receiving
email from Red Hat. If you think that you have received this email in
error, please accept our apologies. Simply click on the link in the
section below and we'll make sure you do not receive this kind of
email from Red Hat again.

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