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RE: Spam ?

That's pretty impressive what would make them skip a dot release?

Will Mendez

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On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:53:55 -0800, Eric Burke wrote
> Hi again,
> I just verified it. This is legitimate, so apparently there is no 
> 8.1, but a 9 instead. Go to http://www.redhat.com, and in the lower 
> right corner in the Community box there is the same thing and a link 
> to click to get RedHat 9 early.

What I have not be able to figure out is how to enable web support. I
have a
basic subscription with 3 systems. 

Click Open to create a new Service Request. Open only appears for
with Web Support enabled.

New Request Product Description Status Registration # Units Used Start
End Date
  RHNxxx-SYS Red Hat Network Basic Entitlement Active &  3 &

No "Open" icon to open a new web ticket. I thought that basic
also included web support??

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