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Re: Spam ?

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 09:39:27PM +0200, Marek wrote:
> Is this spam using redhat's name ? I have not heard of redhat 9 yet ?

A little bit of network detective work is in order...

> Dear Colleague:
> You may know that Red Hat Network is the best way to keep your
> systems running the latest errata and always up to date. What you

> Learn more about the benefits of being a Red Hat Network Subscriber:
> http://redhat.chtah.com/a/tA$f1ahAJPSNNAMoxTCAMdlbiWw/rhat1

Note the domain name. It isn't redhat.com. Running whois on chtah.com

CheetahMail (CHTAH-DOM)
   29 Broadway, 21st floor
   New York, NY 10006

   Domain Name: CHTAH.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Villeger, David  (VD322)          david-nic CHEETAHMAIL COM
      432 9th Street, #1
      BROOKLYN, NY  11215
      212-809-0825 212-809-6378

   Record expires on 31-May-2006.
   Record created on 31-May-2000.
   Database last updated on 24-Mar-2003 15:48:06 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


A look at http://cheetahmail.com/ shows:

"CheetahMail's email marketing and customer intelligence technology is
designed for companies that want to increase their brand equity
through the acquisition and retention of their customer base. By
empowering companies to send highly targeted and relevant emails to
their permission based subscriber list, companies can leverage the use
of the web as a means to cut costs, strengthen relationships and
increase ROI.

"Discover why the industries most sophisticated marketers are turning
to CheetahMail for all of their email marketing needs."

At least one anti-spam outfit considers them a spamhaus:
http://electriceye.net/banned/domainview.asp?key=cheetahmail.com You
can do your own google search from there.

Conclusion: if not spam, then highly likely a spamhaus.

Marek, would you please check the headers. Did this come from Red Hat
or from CheetaMail? If from Red Hat, why would Red Hat be using an
outfit with a reputation for being a spamhaus? If not, it's spam.

> To purchase a Red Hat Network subscription:
> http://redhat.chtah.com/a/tA$f1ahAJPSNNAMoxTCAMdlbiWw/rhat2
> Thanks again for using Red Hat Linux. We appreciate all feedback
> from our users and hope you enjoy Red Hat Linux 9.
> Sincerely,
> Red Hat
> -------------------------------------------------------
> The above email is intended for people who have opted-in to receiving
> email from Red Hat. If you think that you have received this email in
> error, please accept our apologies. Simply click on the link in the
> section below and we'll make sure you do not receive this kind of
> email from Red Hat again.
> http://redhat.chtah.com/a/tA$f1ahAJPSNNAMoxTCAMdlbiWw/rhat3?t=VALUEtVALUE
> -- 


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