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Re: smbclient frontend

Guy Fraser wrote:


If the share is on a machine running samba make sure you are typing the password created with
the smbpasswd utility. The smb password is not nessisarily the same as the unix password.


Stephen Mah wrote:

when I type: smb://server/share, I'm prompted for a username & password. However, it's not accepting my pw. I know I have the right password. I even tried server\username and username server as my username. Are there any known issues with Konqueror 3.0.3-14(using KDE 3.0.3-8.3)?


Yes, the server is running samba. I'm using the smbpasswd. The strange thing is that when I switch to gnome to try nautilus, it works with the same url, ie: smb://server/share. The username & password prompt is exactly the same. The same thing under kde is not working for me. Has anyone tried this, or has time to do a quick test?

I tried this on several RH8 workstations, running kdebase-3.0.3-14 with samba-client 2.2.7-4 and 2.2.5.


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