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Re: Red Hat 9

naugaranch wrote:
> With all the problems I've had with Red Hat 8 - particularly on my server
> (still not running correctly and updated fully).  I've actually considered
> regressing to 7.2 on my server.

This is exactly what I'm facing and exactly the decision
I've made. Enigma runs perfectly for all my needs and I'm sorry
I ever looked forward. I'll be bringing my lost sheep
back very soon.
> Sounds like Red Hat is doing a MS-type end around.  Abandon the RH 8.x
> series and introduce RH 9 because it doesn't have a bad reputation.

When a release puts a better product in the hands of 
the consumer it is a good and welcome thing. When a release
exists for the purpose of revenue generation or as part
of a bit of demographic infighting, everybody loses. 

It's sad to see how prevalent MSing is becoming in the 
Linux namespace.


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