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Re: Red Hat 9

Joe Klemmer wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Andrew Kelly wrote:
> > It's sad to see how prevalent MSing is becoming in the Linux namespace.
> 1) There's no evidence of any Linux company doing anything MS-like.

It's probably just a function of our differing perspectives
and absolutely not worth arguing about, but I disagree with

> 2) Since the marketing powers of MS are unparalleled, it's hard for any
> business to not follow some of their "tricks".  MS is #1 for a reason, you
> know.

Yes, I know that very well. 
But it's my position that the "reason" is not at all worth
emulating and should instead be the primary example of "what not
to do".

There are a lot of people dying at the moment because of
unparalleled marketing powers.
Not that I'm trying to compare MS and their business strategies
with what's currently happening in the world, mind you, I'm just
making a general comment on the whole "all heat and no light" 
approach to emptying peoples' pockets.


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