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RE: Triple Boot :)

thanks a lot Guy for your reply.


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If you have ME and XP installed and not conflicting you are ready to go.

You can use the partition with ME installed on it for files available to
all configurations.

Both XP and RH 8 can read FAT32.

Don't partition the second drive before installing RH 8.

Install RH 8 with at the very least 3 partitions :

and a swap partition.

The ME partion can be assigned at this time as well to lets say /winme .

The boot loader should recognise at least one of the windows systems,
hopefully the XP installation. XP should allow dual boot into ME or XP.
NT and 2K does allow booting into other windows installations.

The files under XP's NTFS will not be available.

I use XP and RH 8 on one of my machines and use FAT32 partions to hold
files I want to be accessable to both.

I have tried some pretty nasty multi boot configurations before. If you
are adding to a machine that has important files, make sure to back them
up. You never know, I recently accidentaly reformatted my /home partition
when moving back to RH 8 from the RH 8.0.92 Beta{Phoebe}. :-(


Galea Gilbert wrote:

> Hi gurus,
> I am installing the home machine as I told you in previous emails with the
> following 3 OSes:
> Windoze ME (FAT32)
> Win XP (NTFS)
> RH 8 (EXT3)
> I have followed your advice and put the 2 windoze oses on the same 
> hard disk
> which is a primary master. First I installed ME on a FAT32 partition 
> then XP
> on an NTFS partition and everything is fine. Now I would like to partition
> the primary slave into 2 partitions one for the RH installation (ext3) and
> another which is readable from win XP and RH. Is this possible?
> Gilbert
> ...snip...

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