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Re: Red Hat 9

Andrew Kelly wrote:

naugaranch wrote:

Sounds like Red Hat is doing a MS-type end around. Abandon the RH 8.x
series and introduce RH 9 because it doesn't have a bad reputation.

When a release puts a better product in the hands of the consumer it is a good and welcome thing. When a release
exists for the purpose of revenue generation or as part
of a bit of demographic infighting, everybody loses.

It's sad to see how prevalent MSing is becoming in the Linux namespace.

Comparing Red Hat to MS is ridiculous. As far as I can tell, Red Hats latest decisions, for which they've taken so much heat, are all the result of actually listening to their customers.

Bluecurve, for instance, began to solve the long lamented problem of Linux desktop apps lacking integration. This came up over and over again for *years* before Bluecurve was developed. And what did Bluecurve hurt? You can still pick your own visual themes...

The new versioning seems like the ideal responce to the dual problem of new technologies taking too long to get into distribution, and old technologies being supported long enough for servers. Now Red Hat is separating their products into two lines, each one of which will address one of those two concerns. Red Hat Linux will get new technologies to users and developers quickly, while Red Hat Enterprise Linux will provide a stable platform for application vendors to target, and business customers to deploy for longer-term stability.

Everyone has what they want, except for those who want the same old thing.... If you want the same old thing, run Slackware. It hasn't changed in YEARS. As a consequence, it's a damn pain to maintain.

And quit complaining that Red Hat is doing things that the other vendors aren't doing. If all of the vendors were doing the same things, there wouldn't be any reason for all of those vendors to continue doing business.

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