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Re: [psyche] Re: Red Hat 9

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:33:03 -0800, you wrote:

>On Tuesday 25 March 2003 16:22, Gerald Henriksen wrote:
>> It just won't be provided after 12 months.
>Wrong.  popular releases will be supported for longer, releases such as 6.2 or 
>maybe even 7.3.  If you read the fine print, it's "at least 12 months" not 
>"at the most 12 months".  Seems to me that people are getting really worked 
>up over a whole lot of sillyness.

I am aware of the "at least 12 months" clause, and note that 8.0
actually gets about 15 months (8.0 is listed as terminating the end of
this year).

All that in reality means is that the length of time will vary
depending on whether Red Hat meets their typical 6 month release cycle
and how different each release is.  In other words, if the next
release after 9 is basically similar to 9 then the effort to extend
9's errata period is minimal.  On the other hand if the next release
is a substantial change (as the hints are certainly indicating is the
plan, of course contingent on other factors in the OSS world) then the
errata for 9 will terminate shortly after 12 months.

Either way the wording ensures that you cannot plan to use any of the
base line of Red Hat Linux in any sort of non-experimental or personal
role because you cannot plan on multi-year support.

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