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Re: Red Hat 9

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 18:29, Gerald Henriksen wrote:

> While I agree some of the decisions Red Hat has made have been
> necessary and even good (even if Red Hat has screwed up the
> implementation and public relations aspects of at least some of them)
> they are also apparently ignoring a lot of their existing and (at
> least until now) loyal customers.

	This is crap.
> I certainly can't recall messages on any of the Red Hat mailing lists
> or any survey asking for Red Hat to price their Linux product at the
> same price levels Microsoft charges, yet that is exactly what Red Hat
> has done (and in at least 1 case when you extend the price over a 3 or
> 4 year lifetime of a product Red Hat is actually more expensive than
> Microsoft).

	More crap.
> The base Red Hat product line (8.0, 9, whatever next) is no longer
> suitable for business or the average home user.  You cannot expect a
> company or joe user to upgrade their operating system every year
> (which is now necessary given the 12 month limit on bug/security
> fixes).

	Even more crap.
> To get a reasonable period of security fixes you have to move up to
> the enterprise line of products, which starts at a minimum of twice
> the price and has more restrictive licensing terms.

> So your average person at home now has a choice of Windows XP at $300
> or Red Hat Enterprise Workstation at $300 ($60 a year after the first
> year for access to security fixes).  Guess what, XP comes with full
> multimedia capabilities including MP3 and DVD, as well as a full range
> of software available for purchase including games, tax software, etc.
> Which would you choose?  And by the way, so far at least Microsoft
> still offers free security fixes in the base price.

	This is a very long message that is the epitome of FUD.  Let's leave
this $#|t out of the redhat lists.

Farewell neighbor.  Thank you for giving us a safe place for so many
		Fred Rodgers - 1928-2003

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