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Re: Red Hat 9

Daniel T. Drea wrote:

Can large numbers of redhat machines be updated with a single comand from one box?

That's what RHN is for, basically.

It's slackwares package management that I find make it "easier" to keep
updated with the latest releases of software. Just as you rely on rhn to
supply you updates to your redhat systems, slackware users can be
confident that errata and updates will be released in the patches section
of all slackware mirrors thus alleviating any worries of openssh being
built against different version of openssl :)

Which is fine, as long as you have no third party applications. Slackware's system is fine as long as you trust developers not to break things. However, newer systems provide additional facilities to help make sure they don't. I prefer to have those.

While I did say I was offended, you have misunderstood the seriousness of
my offense. I am no more offended by your puckering of slackware than I am
of any other linux distribution. I had assumed (here we go again) that the
inclusion of the " :) " at the end of my post showed that it was partially
in jest.

Sorry, I failed (I fail a lot) to apply the emoticon to the paragraph as a whole.

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