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problem w/ "redhat-config-packages"

*** SORRY for the possible double post -- I accidentally sent this email from a non-subscribed account just moments ago ***


I'm wondering if you could help me with a problem I'm having while trying to re-install packages from the RH 8.0 (psyche) distribution (or point me to another source of help).

Basically, I'm trying to (re)install (or over-write if they're already installed) several packages using the "redhat-config-packages" utility, because someone inadvertently deleted several KDE-related packages from my machine (like kghostview, kprinter, and a lot of other stuff). I have the 5 rh8.0 CD's, and in the past I was able to use the package manager utility located in the KDE menu > System Settings > Packages. The problem now is that


produces this error:

"Installation Tree Not Found. The path None does not look like a valid installation source."

[ Turns out that even this redhat-config-packages utility was deleted by accident, and I had to re-install it from the redhat-config-packages-1.0.1-1 RPM. ]

I tried rebuilding the RPM database (via "> rpm --rebuild"), but the same error occurs. I would do a clean re-install of Red Hat, but I've already spent a lot of time customizing the machine with scientific packages and whatnot. So, is there any way to easily recover the "redhat-config-packages" utility so that I can go ahead and install large groups of packages as in the initial RH installation procedure??

Thanks for any advice!

Cameron Mura

 Cameron Mura
 Urey Hall, Rm. 4234
 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
 University of California, San Diego
 Email: cmura ucsd edu

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