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safe to up2date 8.0 sys to glibc 2.3.2? what breaks?

I seen several postings that imply allowing RHN up2date to install the glibc 2.3.2 set of updates will break an RH 8.0 system.

Does this break RH 8.0 supplied packages or only non-RH-supplied packages?

Does anyone have a list of things that will break?

Even more important does anyone have a list of how to fix the breaks? Maybe its only a few obscure things we can live without for now.

If this up2date does break primary applications and break a functioning server, I find it very disturbing. We have, until now, tended to stick with the RH supplied packages in the, obviously erroneous, believe that this allowed us to trust RHN supplied updates would not break things like this (or more precisely if breaks occured RHN would provide the patch and the requisite fixes to other RH supplied/maintained packages).

I thought this was the kind of breakage that was justifying the jump from RH 8.0 to RH 9?

Temporal Arts

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