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Re: Red Hat 9

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 17:38, Kevin Waterson wrote:
> This one time, at band camp,
> Brent Fox <bfox redhat com> wrote:
> > We won't release errata or updates for 7.3 after the End Of Life period
> > arrives.  With the RHL line, there's no distinction between paying
> > customers and unpaid customers once the product goes EOL. 
> Ok, so if 9.0 goes EOL, I cannot get updates unless I use the
> Enterprise line

If you're using the Enterprise line, you're not using RHL 9.  You're
using one of the RHEL products (AS, ES, or WS).  They are two different
product lines.

> > If you really need a version that you can run for 5 years, then
> > buy the Enterprise line and pay us for that level of service.
> Across our network this could be quite expensive, with approx 600 
> installations, more on that later. 

There may be volume discounts for people with that many machines.  You'd
have to talk to one of the Sales people and find out.  I'm not sure.

> What I cannot see, is how you
> can be offering updates to the Enterprise line, without making 
> the source available. Perhaps I am missing something bleeding
> obvious here.

We do make the source available for the Enterprise updates.  Take a look


You can download those SRPM updates for any of the Enterprise lines and
compile them yourself.  They may or may not work on the non-Enterprise
releases, but the source is there for all to see.


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