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Re: quotas on nfs mounted filesystems.

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 13:54, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> We have a series of machines that share the same nfs mounted user
> directories. This nfs mounted filesystem has quotas enabled on the
> server and one can indeed run quota on the server to find out your
> quota. But on the clients the running is supposed to work through a
> call to rpc.rquotad on the server. We can't make that work.

I made a new entry for rquotad in /etc/xinetd.d on the server, enabled
the rquotad service, ensured that it was allowed in /etc/hosts.allow,
then told xinetd to reload and ensured that rpc.rquotad had been
registered with portmap.

After all this, when running "quota" on the client, I was told that I
had no quota, and "quota -v" showed all entries as "0", despite having a

Unfortunately, it turns out that on my system, the server was unable to
determine the correct quota, because the entry in /etc/exports on the
server was different to the entry in /etc/mtab on the client (the server
exports /export/home, but the clients use autofs to mount
/export/home/<user> on /home/<user>).

I found it useful to run /sbin/rpc.rquotad on the command line to easily
see any output.

Hope something I just said helps

Michael Wardle <michael wardle adacel com>
Adacel Technologies

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