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SV: RH hangs on large filetransfers Was[ Linux vs Windows]

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> Ämne: Re: RH hangs on large filetransfers Was[ Linux vs Windows]
> On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Tomas Larsson wrote:
> > Thing is that I've changed network cards cables etc. still the same 
> > problem. There is nothing in the logs. The RH box just goes 
> into coma 
> > without any warning. It was a 400 MB website, about 1100 
> files and 60 
> > directories, that I tried to copy to the RH box, through samba.
> Is there anything in the logs?? Can you ssh/telnet to it from 
> another machine?? Does the box pass memtest86?? This should 
> be fixable if you want to.

Nothing in the logs, when the machine is in "coma" it is completely dead,
nothing on screen, no response from keyboard, cant even ping it. 
Haven't tried Memtest, and I just assumed that since everything else is
working without any flaws, well not wsftp
at the moment, it should be ok, no hangs in normal operation.

> > As I said I ended up with a CD transfer at the end.
> I guess it worked but do you really think that is the right answer?

Well obviously not but since it was a one off transfer, for the moment
anyway. Small transfers works ok.

> > But, Actually I don't complain, its for free.
> Nothing is for free!! Is your time worth nothing? If ANY os 
> gave me that 
> type of problems I would fix it or find something better. 
> Even M$ isn't that bad normally.

You're right of course

> > All messages originating from me are scanned with the 
> latest updates 
> > of Norton Antivirus 2K2.
> Why is this inportant?? I do not see the point of advertising 
> that you pay 
> lot of money for something that a properly designed system 
> should normally be capable of avoiding. :-)

Of course
Some of my not so computer literate clients/customers feels a little bit

Tomas Larsson

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