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Re: Moved HOME, Gnome Not Convinced

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Monday, March 10, 2003, 6:28:31 PM, Cameron wrote:
> Try grepping for /home/user in the personal GNOME config files.
> Some things write full paths in their status files (i.e. the ones used
> to open that same apps you had last time, with the same directories/files
> showing etc).

>         find ~/.g* -type f -print | xargs grep /home/user /dev/null

Apart from a file name that included a single-quote character ('),
this worked fine. I actually split this into two pieces, sending the
find output to a file, where I could easily escape the quote, then cat
of that file into the xargs.

*Lots* of references to "/home/user" in there. Any quick gnome utility
out there to tell it to wake up and find its new home? Or, perhaps at
this point I'm better off blowing off this user's gnome configuration
by saving everything that needs saving (moving the directory), then
deleting and re-creating the user, explicitly specifying the new home
directory. ???

Thanks! Ron.
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