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Recovering a Damaged RH 8.0 System

I am working with another person repairing a
damaged RH 8.0 system.  Now that we know what
is wrong, how could this happen becomes an
interesting question.

Here is the exact scenario.  This is a laptop
loaded with RH 8.0 and a number of diagnostic tools.
Up2date had just been run and the machine shut down.
The machine was booted the next day and brought up
to the login prompt, but no login was done.

The machine was unplugged from external power and
went to battery power and was taken to a lab.
A priority situation arose and the laptop was
left in this state till it's battery wore out
several hours later.

After recharging the battery, the machine would not
boot.  After digging around after booting with the CD,
we found the problem was the soft links in /lib were
corrupted.  The link contents were corrupted differently
on each link, but letters were changed.  For example,
on many links, the 'i' in lib was changed to a ')'.
The 's' in .so was often changed to a '3'.

Telling the CD to upgrade the system does no good because
the check against the RPM files says nothing needs to be
changed and nothing gets done.  So we are going through
the links and fixing them one at a time.

Has anyone seen this before?

Is there any automated way to recover this without wiping
out the partitions?

Robert E. Styma 
Principal Engineer (DMTS)
AG Communication Systems, Phoenix - A subsidiary of Lucent
Email: stymar agcs com
Phone: 623-582-7323
FAX:   623-581-4884
Company:  http://www.agcs.com
Personal: http://www.swlink.net/~styma

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