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Re: About RH9 "usefulness"

On Saturday 29 March 2003 01:45, M. Fioretti uttered:
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 00:28:52 at 12:28:52AM -0800, Eric Burke 
(eburke burkecentral net) wrote:
> > The bottom line is for a corporate desktop, RH no
> > longer serves the purpose. Once compatibility is broken by adding
> > something no one else is doing, all else is out the window. Sorry, but
> > the whole NPTL gains nothing...no speed...nothing.No other Linux distro
> > is using it or planning on it. That in itself breaks compatibility and
> > the products usefulness.
> Jesse (or anybody else)
> may I ask you to elaborate on this a little more (especially the first
> sentence)? Any feedback is welcome.

I would, but I personally don't have any cold hard facts about what NPTL gains 
you.  I've only heard what Red Hat engineers have told me, and various 
postings to the list.

Of course, I would note that "RH" is much more than the GPL Red Hat Linux 
product.  I don't see NPTL going into RHEL, so that is still _very_ much 
viable for a corporate desktop.  What I see is a lot of people that were 
living large on a free OS, and now that Red Hat has produced RHEL, and been 
given the freedom to be more fluid w/ the free version, it doesn't make sense 
for these people to continue using the free version for a corporate 
environment where stability and long term support is necessary.  Thats the 
whole reason Red Hat produced RHEL.  Longer release cycles, more stability, 
and yes, to make a buck or two, so that they can continue paying developers 
and engineers to better the operating system.  Dunno about you, but I'd like 
to see Red Hat engineers be able to continue feeding their families from work 
they've done on GPL software.

Perhaps everybody just needs a big foam clue bat attack on the differences 
between "Free as in speech" and "Free as in beer".

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE
Mondo DevTeam (www.mondorescue.org)

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