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Re: Red Hat 9 -- April 7th -- Price & Compatibility?

Colburn writes....
> OK, RedHat will try to resolve the many flaws in RH8 with their new
> release, RH9 on April 7th.
> Any idea what they will charge retail for this?  
> (I also paid for my RH8 release, though considering the hundreds of
> wasted hours trying to get it to do what it promised to do I feel as
> though I am due a refund and more.  Sigh.)
> Since I have a ton of stuff on the hard disk with RH8 I am thinking it
> may be wise to purchase a second hdd and to do a clean load.  With all
> of the patches and problems I really don't trust a load of RH9 on top of
> RH8 to be clean.
> Is that a reasonable fear?

I pretty much always scrap the old installiation and start
fresh.  It's worth it to me to spend the extra time to restore
/home and all the config files just to not have to guess for the next year
or so whether my problems are something left behind from the last
Forces you to go out and get the newest versions of all the other extras
also.  I get the "must have NOW's" then go grab the others as I need

But I realize there are many people that use the Linux box for SERIOUS
high volume commercial work and that might not be an option.

-- Jay Crews
jpc jaycrews com

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