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Re: WineX

Jesse Keating wrote:

On Saturday 29 March 2003 09:38, Guy Fraser uttered:

I wonder how many companies are like mine, where the people with Linux
Desktops are SOL and I was the person who convinced the powers that be,
it would be a productivity improvement. Now non of the people with linux
can access our customer database. I have the weekend to come up with a
feasible solution to getting access to the FileMaker Pro DB form the
linux workstation, because we can not have people sitting around because
they can't do their work.

The feeble excuses from the guy's who appear to work for Red Hat just
doesn't cut the mustard when my job is on the line because they messed
around with somthing that should not have been messed with.

While I am sending this message I am downloading versions of FreeBSD,
SUSE and Debian. I am under the gun and I hope the people at RH who made
this major **** up are as well. I would like to bet I am not the only
person who's job is on the line over this.

I am extremely angry about this issue.

Uh, can't you just roll back the glibc update?

Yes I suppose I could, but who knows what that could break since other packages have been released since glibc, and may have dependancies on it. I had thought of that, but I did not know it was the glibc that had stopped wine from working.

Since I was not upgrading the machines my self I was not sure what the techs had upgraded that caused the problem, until I checked the list today.

After the 3rd tech had experienced the problem, I was asked to help, having realized it was being caused after running up2date I requested that nobody run up2date until the problem could be resolved, by that time two more people had run up2date. Between laptops and machine scheduled for donation, we able to get people limping along until Friday.

I have calmed down, now that I have uploaded to the software share server the new version of wine and upgraded it on the techs machines.

The issue is resolved now, but it will take Management time to cool down. I have written a memo to Management and the techs with RH explaining the problem. And have suggested that all updates are verified on one machine before they will be allowed on any others, to aleviate future issues. One of my managers has repsonded that he thought thats what we were paying RH for, and I don't have reasonable responce for him other than that is what I thought as well.

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