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Re: RH 9 - new glibc

This one time, at band camp,
Ed Wilts <ewilts ewilts org> wrote:

> Myth.  Did you upgrade from NT4 to Win2K for free?  How about from 2K to
> XP?  Lucky you - they gave you that for free too? 
So, updates from one Enterprise release to the next will be free?

> Did you get your office suite for free from Microsoft too?  And the
> support and updates for them? 

No, Star Office has a windows port
> Somethings tells me you're a techie and not a bean-counter.


> > But I would not be going with
> > a MS solution but I will be seriously looking at other linux distro's such
> > as Debian and Mandrake to see what they have on offer. 

MS is not my first choice, I have looked at Debian and their support structure
is similar in regard to life of a release. However, FreeBSD seems to maintain
their releases for a good period of time.

> Red Hat has clearly stated that they will continue to provide free
> downloads of their distribution and provide free updates.  You'll get at
> least the equivalent to what Debian and Mandrake will give you.  If you
> want commercial support, you're expected to pay for it.  I fail to see
> why people are so upset at this. 

I am not upset by this, infact, as I mentioned in previous mail, I fully
agree with this approach, but I have a school with a limitted budget to 
make recommendations for regarding software. It was a giant leap for them
to leave MS behind, although it is still used in the offices.

> Red Hat is a company and has several product offerings.  For your home
> machine, Red Hat Linux 9 is probably the appropriate solution.  For your
> office, AW is Red Hat's offering.
> For my office, I'm planning a migration to Red Hat Linux Enterprise
> Linux ES for my servers.  For my home system, I'll be running Red Hat
> Linux 9 (7.1 on one system currently, and 9 on the system I'm in the
> process of setting up).  Enterprise Linux is not appropriate for my
> home system.  I'd like to run it for sure, but I can't justify and
> afford it.

I will have much homework to do on this issue.
I still have a radius server running 4.2, has not missed a beat in
years, Dual P133 SPC machine....

Kind regards
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Kevin Waterson
Port Macquarie, Australia

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