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Re: WineX

On Saturday 29 March 2003 15:55, Mike Watson uttered:
> I tried to negotiate with RH to bring the RHN servers inside our
> company, but RH wouldn't do it.  I will never allow anything---new
> software or upgrade---to be installed on my systems without my own QA
> folks testing it in my testbed with systems that duplicate my
> production servers.  To do otherwise is foolish and can be costly.

I guess you havn't seen the RHN proxy and the RHN Satellite Server.


The following advanced options are available for customers with systems 
subscribed to Software Update for Red Hat Enterprise Network:

    * Proxy Server: Red Hat Enterprise Network Proxy Server is a custom-built 
proxy system deployed on a customer's site that caches packages for 
distribution across a local Intranet while maintaining a single, secure 
connection to RHEN. Customers who deploy the Proxy Server may also maintain 
their own customized channels.

    * Satellite Server: Red Hat Enterprise Network Satellite Server is a 
custom-built system which enables large organizations to store system 
profiles locally. The RHEN Web interface is served from a local web server 
and is disconnected from the public internet; all package/errata management 
is done locally. The customer has complete discretion in maintaining a 
connection with RHEN for updates to the official Red Hat Linux packages and 
channel package updates. RHEN Satellite can work in tandem with RHEN Proxy 

End Quote.

This page can be found here:


These options have been available long before RHEL was announced, so it's not 
a "new" thing.

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE
Mondo DevTeam (www.mondorescue.org)

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