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Re: Recovering a Damaged RH 8.0 System

On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Robert Styma wrote:

> After recharging the battery, the machine would not
> boot.  After digging around after booting with the CD,
> we found the problem was the soft links in /lib were
> corrupted.  The link contents were corrupted differently
> on each link, but letters were changed.  For example,
> on many links, the 'i' in lib was changed to a ')'.
> The 's' in .so was often changed to a '3'.
> Telling the CD to upgrade the system does no good because
> the check against the RPM files says nothing needs to be
> changed and nothing gets done.  So we are going through
> the links and fixing them one at a time.
> Has anyone seen this before?
> Is there any automated way to recover this without wiping
> out the partitions?

After booting from the CD, run fsck manually on the partition in question, 
forcing a check.  

After you come up with a clean partition, try using the command line from 
the CD to mount the partition as root.  If you can do this, you can do an 
rpm -Va to check packages.  Given the problems rpm has had on 8.0 I would 
probably delete the __* files from /var/lib/rpm and rebuilddb also.  At 
this point you can reinstall any of the suspect packages and you are back 
in business.

If you can't mount the affected partition as root, you are probably forced 
to reinstall and restore data from backup.  

You DO have a backup, right?

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