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A7N266-VM(AA) + RH 8.0 No graphics mode install

Anyone running the A7N277-VM or -VM/AA based on the nVidia 220-D
chipset (other similar motherboards may also use this procedure)
and wanting to install RH 8.0:

The problems encountered are:

1) RH 8.0 Install CD hangs system in graphics install - Use
"linux text" mode.
2) Grub does not work on the A7N266-VM/AA - Use lilo.
3) 2 sets of drivers required: get them at http://www.nvidia.com
   nForce chip set for LAN and audio (used rev 1.0-0248)
   nVidia unified graphics for X Windows
4) Rebuild src.tar.gz files for #3 for compatibility with your
kernel rev.
5) Up2date hangs and must be restarted to complete. 
   It also does not update the lilo.conf file.

See bugzilla bug number 86303 for complete work-around at end of
comments or email me for the word .doc / .pdf of same.


This will show you how to get RH Linux 8.0 installed, install
chipset drivers and install LAN and graphics drivers. Also how
to set the system to come up in graphics mode at boot.

Seth Bardash

Integrated Solutions and Systems


Supplier of AMD, Intel and SPARC Servers and Systems
running Windows, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks.	

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