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RE: HA Cluster

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, DB wrote:

> OK I guess I should clarify what I want to do.  I want to set up two servers
> the way I would set up a RAID 1 configuration for SCSI disks on a single
> server, only instead of mirroring data on two disks, I want to mirror two
> servers.  I want two mirrored servers, identical data on both servers, so if
> one goes down the other takes over and there is no interruption in web
> service while the down server is being repaired.

Do you want both servers to be "active" at the same time?  When one talks
about a "cluster" that is normally what they mean.  Basically, a cluster
being a group of machines acting as if they were one.  Or are you just
looking at "fail-over"?

> Heres another catch -  I want both servers to have a RAID 1 config.  My one
> server has that now.  So theoretically three hard drives could crash, or one
> motherboard, or one RAID 1 controller card, etc., and she cluster would
> still function.

That makes no difference as it seems you are saying that each server will
have an independent copy of the same data.  Therefore, how they store it
is unimportant.

> Another thing I want to do is have one tape backup for the cluster backing
> up data, on either server, it would not matter which server the tape backup
> is a slave to because the data would be identical.
> I'm running an e-commerce server now and the server has an XML based
> e-commerce software application with multiple product databases for the on
> line stores, runs secure sites with Thawte SSL certificates.  PHP/MySQL
> discussion forums, Perl Stats software, etc.  Maybe some streaming video
> later.  Is this even possible or a pipe dream?

You also indicated that the servers will be geographically seperate.  By
how far and what kind of bandwidth will they have between them?

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