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Re: Adminstration quesiton


Thanks for your advice.

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 10:57, Mail Lists wrote:
- snip -
>    o I'd prefer to be logged in as non-root user and su to 
>      root (or sudo) as needed.

What you mentioned is the practice I am doing daily.  Login as USER and
issue "su -" to carry out Administration work"  Use "mc" (midnight
commander) to read/edit folders and files which USER has no permission
to open/read/edit.  

But it is not very convenient.  What I need is only occasionally to
browse and read those mails received and sent as USER.  Therefore I
start to look for a simple solution avoiding doing complicate
setup/configure or installation of additional software.

During testing for a solution, I found some thing interesting;

KDE desktop
As USER, started Konsole Window
# su -
login as ROOT
# evolution

I was allowed to start Evolution, reading mail boxes as ROOT

On the other way round I could not
As ROOT,started Konsole Window
# login USER
Konsole window died

I also tried following combination
# login -f USER
# login -pf USER
# login -p USER

Konsole window always died

MAN login does not help much.

I image that if while working as ROOT I can login as USER on Konsole
window without causing the latter to die, then I can start Evolution to
read mail boxes as USER from there.


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