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RE: Quota Problems

This is a guess because I haven't actually set up a quota on mail boxes.
In every company I've been in, no one wanted to risk their career over
possible lost mail - they'd rather a policy of unlimited disk (but
within budget, of course).  :-)

My guess is that since a bounce is handled by sendmail and delivery is
handled by the local mailer, and since it is the local mailer that would
get the error from the quota daemon, the mail will be lost.  If not
lost, possibly it would be put into the queue but as you say, you don't
see it there.

You might get around this by setting your sendmail server to queue
everything before delivery.  

Did you turn up your log level?  You should be set to at least 15 and I
would set it all the way up to 99 while testing.  Log to another server
if you have to.  This is a critical question.

Hattie Rouge

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> Hello,
> I have set up quota on a test server and populated it with 
> 1500 accounts. I have set up squirrelmail and sendmail. I am 
> wondering how I would get the warnquota function to work on 
> this server. I cannot find good documentation on this. I am 
> wondering when my quota fills up what happens to the inbound 
> mail that does not fit? I have seen that I cannot find it in 
> queue or in queue in the other sending server. Does it go to 
> the bit bucket? I would think that the mail would bounce 
> somewhere. But I cannot find any evidence of this after 
> looking at the logs.
> Thanks
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