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Re: Backup remote machine to local tape drive

There are a number of ways to approach this.  First you need
to decide if you want to use dump, tar or perhaps Amanda.
With Amanda or tar, remote backup provisions are built-in so
you just need to RTFM.  I think you could probably use dump
in concert with rmt, but I'm not really familiar with dump

You could NFS export the filesystem from the 8.0 box and mount
it on the 9.0 box and run tar from there, too.  Perhaps you
could use dump in the same way, but I don't know.

Don't forget that backup is only part of the solution.  You
also need to validate the backup - don't just assume that if
the backup seems to run without errors that your data is
recoverable, or that it even got onto the tape for that matter.
Also, you need to be clear on how you will get data off the
tape and back onto the 8.0 system under various circumstances.

Doug Wyatt

Quillen, Channon wrote:

I recall a discussion, it may not have been here, about backing-up a remote machine to a local tape drive. I have a Linux 8.0 box on the network with no tape drive. I have a Linux 9.0 box with a tape drive on the same network. Is there any way to backup the 8.0 box from the 9.0 box?


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