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Spam Filters

I have poked around but do not know enough to be able to decipher the answer.

I am looking for software that I can use on my mailhost to be able to filter mail coming in to my mailbox and, if it works well, others' mailboxes on my site including mail coming into the Mailman lists I host. I just discovered that Spamassassin is part of the 8.0 distribution but scanning the documentation, I cannot tell if it will meet my needs. Will it? Is there a place that will describe its capabilities in terms that the marginally skilled will understand? If not Spamassassin, is there other code I can install, with documentation written for the faint at heart, that I should consider?

I have borderline skills but am willing to put in the effort if there is a good probability it will give me what I need.

Paul Kleeberg
paul fpen org

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